7 Types Of Birds That Hunt At Night! (With Pictures)

Birds that hunt at night are quite the rare find, taking into account how often their feathers perfectly camouflage into their environment. In this article we’ll be going 7 such birds that you can find hunting for their prey at night. Great Horned Owls Corn Crake Black-Crowned Night Heron Common Nighthawk Nightjars Nightingale Tawny Frogmouth … Read more

7 Blue Colored Birds Roaming California’s Skies (With Pictures)

Blue colored birds aren’t the easiest to find, especially within California which is why I’ve compiled together this list to showcase 7 different blue colored birds to look out for when birdwatching or when going on a long adventurous walk. California Scrub Jay Western Bluebird  Indigo Bunting  Lazuli Bunting  Tree Swallow  Belted Kingfisher Barn Swallow  … Read more

7 Vibrantly Yellow Birds Found In California (With Pictures)

American Yellow Warbler

Yellow is a vibrant, bright, and optimistic color, after all its the color we use to paint sunshine. So, spotting a bright yellow bird in your backyard is sure to enhance your day. American Goldfinch  American Yellow Warbler  Lesser Goldfinch  Western Medowlark  Mourning Warbler  Yellow Headed Blackbird  Bullock’s Oriole  Below I’ll go over the 7 yellow … Read more