Are Parrotlets Cuddly? (Only If You!?..)

Parrotlets can be cuddly but, most aren’t openly cuddly with their owners unless there is a strong bond between the 2. With that being said only some parrotlets have a cuddly personality whilst others not so much, therefore taking into account a number of factors, from their personality to how they were raised will determine … Read more

Can Parrots Eat Pumpkin? (Explained!)

Yes, parrots can eat pumpkins but, it should only be fed in moderation as it’s packed with sugar and is also acidic making it a problem for the bowels of smaller and even bigger parrots to consume it. With that being said it is still great for eyesight health, acts as a cancer preventative, allows … Read more

Are Raven’s Smarter Than Parrots?

Ravens can be smarter than parrots however, it does depend on what task they do. Ravens and other corvids are known for their ability to solve problems whilst parrots excel in communication. Ravens are also capable of mimicking speech so when you put both these skills together, you can definitely argue ravens are the more … Read more

Can Parrots Cry? (3 Reasons They Could!)

Yes, parrots can cry. This could be when they’re in pain, mourning over the death of a loved one or when in general distress. Despite having tear ducts,  parrots will rarely if ever shed tears unless they can’t control their bodily functions. What they will do is cry by vocalising their emotions and project it through … Read more

Difference Between A Parrot And A Parakeet

Parakeets are a sub-species that falls within the parrot line of birds whilst the term parrot is a blanket term used to describe a number of different parrot based species. Parakeets simply fall within the many small parrot – medium parrot based parrot species referred to as Psittacidae.  What Are Parrots? Parrots consist of a variety … Read more