Are Parrotlets Cuddly? (Only If You!?..)

Parrotlets can be cuddly but, most aren’t openly cuddly with their owners unless there is a strong bond between the 2. With that being said only some parrotlets have a cuddly personality whilst others not so much, therefore taking into account a number of factors, from their personality to how they were raised will determine … Read more

Where Do Parrotlets Live In The Wild? (Explained!)

Parrotlets can be found living in Central and South America with Mexico being one of their prime habitats. They will often be spotted around lowland forests to shrublands in flocks consisting of a few pairs, or as large as 100+. Why Do Parrotlets Live In Central And South America? Parrotlets live in Central and south America … Read more

Can Parrotlets Eat Kale? (Answered!)

Yes parrotlets can eat kale, after all it’s among the most nutritious superfoods around. It helps parrotlets be happier, improves the speed at which cuts recover, contributes in keeping a parrotlets feathers health and more whilst also being a great alternative to other vegetables within the diet.  Why Feed Your Parrotlet Kale? It’s quite healthy … Read more

Can Parrotlets Eat Spinach?

Yes, parrotlets can eat spinach as not only is it a nutritious snack that will benefit their health by keeping the eye and skin of the bird healthy but, it’s also very low in calories meaning your parrotlet won’t get fat eating it however, even the spinach should be fed in moderation as the oxalic … Read more