Are Parakeets Nocturnal? (Explained!)

Parakeets are small, colorful birds that are popular as pets. Regarding their sleeping habits, they are not very different from humans. They sleep at night or when they are tired. However, they can also nap during the day if they are in a dark room and do not have anything to do. Continue reading to … Read more

Do Parakeets Have A Pecking Order? (Explained!)

Most flocking birds establish a pecking order or dominance hierarchy, in which there is a leader, a second-in-command, and a chain of passive members who know their place and act submissively to keep the peace. Discover why parakeets have a pecking order and the surprising ways in which this complex social network is decided. Why … Read more

Do Parakeets Sleep With Their Eyes Open? (Explained!)

Parakeets will sleep with their eyes closed unless, they’re extremely relaxed where their eyes remains slightly open. With that being said, as a result of their environment, wild parakeets will intermittently have their eyes open throughout the night to watch out for danger where their brain remains half awake. This is referred to as ‘peeking’  … Read more

Are Parakeets Noisy? (Explained!)


Parakeets are noisy in comparison to other pets like hamsters, rabbits and even cats but, when compared to other smaller parrots, your average parakeet only has a decibel volume rating of around 68. Other larger parakeets like rose ringed parakeets for example are among the loudest out there with a decibel volume reaching 111. In short … Read more