11 Winter Birds In Ohio (With Pictures!)

In this article I’ll be going over 11 winter birds that can be found in the state of Ohio so continue reading to learn more about these birds below. Bald Eagle Snowy Owl Red Tailed Hawk Eastern Screech Cooper’s Hawk White Breasted Nuthatch Great Horned Owl Black Capped Chickadee  Northern Flicker  Sharp Shinned Hawk Northern Cardinal 11 … Read more

9 Yellow Birds In Ohio (With Pictures!)

In this article I’ll be going over 9 different yellow birds you can lookout for throughout the state of Ohio the next time you go out on a hike or on a birdwatching adventure. American Goldfinch  Common Yellowthroat Cedar Waxwing American Yellow Warbler Yellow Breasted Chat White-eyed Vireo Hooded Warbler  Black Throated Green Warbler  Female … Read more

5 Purple Birds In Ohio (With Pictures!)

Purple birds aren’t common but, they can be found if you know where to look. If you’ve found yourself here then I’ve compiled a list of 5 unique purple birds that you can look out for on your next birdwatching expedition. Purple Martin  Purple Finch  Common Grackle  European Starling  Rock Pigeon 5 Purple Birds In … Read more

5 White Birds In Ohio (With Pictures!)

This article (as the title suggests) will be covering 5 unique white birds in Ohio, or birds that’s are mostly white, that you can look out for the next time you find yourself in the mood to discover white birds in the wild. White Breasted Nuthatch Black Capped Chickadee Red Bellied Woodpecker Tundra Swan Great … Read more