Why Do Lovebirds Bob Their Heads? (EXPLAINED!)

Lovebirds are small, colorful parrots that make popular pets, despite their slightly aggressive nature. Nevertheless as parrots, they are social creatures that require plenty of interaction, whether it be from a mate or a human benefactor, which can result in a variety of different behaviours. One of these being the head bob, which is what … Read more

Do Lovebirds Sleep With Their Eyes Open? (Explained!)

Lovebirds will sleep with their eyes closed unless, they’re either extremely relaxed where their eyes remain slightly open or as a result of their environment, where wild lovebirds will keep an eye open intermittently throughout the night to keep an eye on potential dangers from nocturnal predators – referred to as ‘peeking’. For a more … Read more

Can Lovebirds Die Of Loneliness? (Explained!)

Although it is possible that some lovebirds may die as a consequence of loneliness formed by the death of another they were in love with (heartbreak, mourning) however, they will not die purely out of loneliness. Can A Lovebird Be Lonely? Parrots in general require a lot of attention from their owners or mates. The … Read more

Can Lovebirds Eat Broccoli? (Answered!?)

Yes, lovebirds can eat broccoli as it has a plethora of nutrients that will all contribute towards their health and to some degree their happiness too. If the diet remains balanced by mixing and matching vegetables broccoli with other nutritious foods your lovebird will in turn benefit the most. Why Feed Your Lovebird Broccoli?. Broccoli … Read more

Can Lovebirds Eat Celery? (Answered!)

Yes, lovebirds can eat celery. It’s a nutritious, crunchy and tasty little snack for your lovebird that will be a great addition to their diet whilst the nutritional benefits improve their quality of their life at the same time.  Celery is also great way vegetable to balance out the more acidic fruits so continue reading … Read more

Lovebird vs Parakeet (How Are They Different?)

Parakeets and lovebirds are among the most common bird pets we can own but, their difference in temperaments, habits, loudness and the way in which they interact with us and other animals is quite different from one another despite their similarities in size.  Physically parakeets are slightly longer but, lovebirds are heavier with larger beaks. … Read more