11 Winter Birds In Florida (With Pictures!)

In this article I’ll be going over 11 winter birds that can be found in the state of Florida so continue reading to learn more about these birds below. Bald Eagle Peregine Falcon Red Tailed Hawk Eastern Screech Owl Cooper’s Hawk White Breasted Nuthatch Great Horned Owl American Kestrel Northern Flicker  Sharp Shinned Hawk Northern Cardinal … Read more

7 Red Birds In Florida (With Pictures!)

If you’re trying to find some red birds in your local Floridan region, you’ve come to the right place. Here I’ll be going over 7 unique red birds in Florida that you can try spotting when on your next bird watching expedition. Northern Cardinal  Male Summer Tanager  House Finch  Red Headed Woodpecker  Painted Bunting  Vermillion … Read more