11 Yellow Birds In Connecticut (With Pictures!)

In this article I’ll be going over 11 yellow birds that can be found scattered throughout Connecticut so, continue reading if you want a more detailed breakdow of these birds. American Goldfinch  American Yellow Warbler  Yellow Rumped Warbler  Yellow Breasted Chat  Baltimore Oriole  Orchard Oriole  Eastern Medowlark  Common Yellowthroat  Mourning Warbler  Canada Warbler  Cedar Waxwing  … Read more

11 Red Birds In Connecticut (With Pictures!)

Connecticut is home to a huge variety of unique avian lifeforms, wearing feathers accommodating numerous patterns and colors. In this article I’ll be going over 11 red birds in Connecticut so continue reading to learn more about them. Northern Cardinal House Finch Northern Flicker Red Headed Woodpecker Red Bellied Woodpecker Pileated Woodpecker Ruby Throated Hummingbird … Read more