Why Do Cockatiels Bob Their Heads? (Answered!)

Cockatiels are one of the most popular pet birds in the world. They are very beautiful and can be trained to talk and perform tricks. The cockatiel’s head bob is crucial for them to communicate with their owners. They often do this when they want something, like food or attention. Continue reading to discover why … Read more

Can Cockatiels Die Of Loneliness? (Explained!)

The probability of cockatiels dying of loneliness is extremely low but, it is still possible if the circumstances line up, such as the bird being sick, potentially mourning the loss of a partner without much support or other less common circumstances. However, even if a cockatiel has to deal with some loneliness, it should not … Read more

Do Cockatiels Molt? (Explained!)

Yes, much like all birds cockatiels do molt. This is so they can replace their damaged feathers with newer, fresher more capable ones that will better shield them from the elements as well as let them fly more effectively if need be. Cockatiels molt semi annually depending on the weather, which can be anywhere from … Read more

Are Cockatiels Loud? (Explained In-Depth!)

Cockatiels can be categorised as a low – medium when it comes to loudness as the sounds they produce measure around 80 decibels. This means they are roughly as loud as a noisy downtown street. They’ll be the loudest in the morning and afternoon whilst the volume will simmer down in the evening before calling … Read more

Are Cockatiels Tropical Birds? (Explained!)

No, cockatiels are not tropical birds although the climates within which the stay aren’t too different from where tropical birds would live. In the wild cockatiels tend to live in more arid, drier environments within Australia and even tend to avoid the coastal, wetter environments there. There are also other reasons why cockatiels aren’t tropical despite … Read more

How Long Can A Cockatiel Go Without Food?

Cockatiels will only be able to go without food for 48 hours although the negative effects of starvation may start taking affect 18 – 24 hours. The same can be said for the lack of water consumption although there are elements of nuance here, especially if the food being consumed is high in water content. … Read more

Are Cockatiels Cuddly? (They Can Be If…)

Cockatiels aren’t the most cuddly of birds with the majority preferring a scratch on the head or neck as opposed to a full on cuddle . The personality of your cockatiel, whether or not you’ve built a strong bond and to some degree the birds upbringing will decide if your cockatiel is open to cuddling … Read more

Can Cockatiels Eat Celery? (Explained!)

Yes, cockatiels can eat celery provided it’s cleaned well and switched out for other foods sources to balance their diet out. Celery is not only able to maintain a health respiratory system, upkeep their brain health but is also great for reducing the effects of the more acidic berries out there. Why Feed Your Cockatiel … Read more