How Do Parakeets Drink Water? (Explained!)

There are a few ways that parakeets will go about the process of drinking water, which will depend on how its environment is laid out and how they fell at the time. They could either drink water from within the bowl that you would probably provide, by splashing the water outside the bowl and drinking … Read more

Are Parakeets Noisy? (Explained!)


Parakeets are noisy in comparison to other pets like hamsters, rabbits and even cats but, when compared to other smaller parrots, your average parakeet only has a decibel volume rating of around 68. Other larger parakeets like rose ringed parakeets for example are among the loudest out there with a decibel volume reaching 111. In short … Read more

Are Parakeets Tropical Birds? (Answered!)

Parakeets come in a variety of shapes and sizes from your traditional parakeet otherwise known as a budgerigar, rose ringed parakeets, monk parakeets and so one. The overall parakeet classification is given to medium to small sized parrots with long tail feathers. Considering the multiple different species, the environments in which they all live in … Read more

How Long Can A Parakeet Live Without Food?

Parakeets and most birds have an extremely long metabolism therefore, most will not be able to go beyond 48 hours without the negative ramifications of no food affecting them. Starvation will take affect within 24 hours of eating no food where they would likely collapse a few hours later.  A parakeets eating habits aren’t like … Read more