Are Parrotlets Cuddly? (Only If You!?..)

Parrotlets can be cuddly but, most aren’t openly cuddly with their owners unless there is a strong bond between the 2. With that being said only some parrotlets have a cuddly personality whilst others not so much, therefore taking into account a number of factors, from their personality to how they were raised will determine if your parrotlet would be open to a cuddle. 

Do Parrotlets Like Being Held?

In general parrotlets do not like being held unless they’ve been brought up in such way that it’s not abnormal for them to be held.

For example, if a parrotlet was hand raised throughout their fledgling days, chances are they’d be relatively comfortable being held even if it isn’t normal outside for most other parrotlets.

However, if it’s an older parrotlet that has never really been held, they will be against the prospect of even being touched With that being said if a strong bond is built, some may genuinely even like being held.

In most cases though, parrotlets and most birds for that matter aren’t extremely fond of being manhandled, even by someone they have full trust with.

Are Parrotlets Clingy?

If a strong bond has been built between you and a parrotlet or if a parrotlet has built a strong bond with another animal or parrot, clingy behaviors could start to form

A parrotlet that’s new to any household would require multiple hours of bonding per day to build trust but, once said trust has been established some parrotlets may become extremely clingy, seeking your attention all the time, climbing on you when you’re eating, when you’re working and so on.

Do keep in mind that the personality of your parrotlet will determine how clingy they are too. This is especially the case when you consider these little parrots are known to be on the more aggressive side when it comes to interacting with others bigger than them (like lovebirds) despite their smaller stature.

Furthermore, singular parrotlets are more likely to be clingy over those that were bought up with companions right off the bat.

Do Parrotlets Like Cuddles?

This is dependent on a number of factors from the bird’s personality to how they were raised to how strong of a bond you have with them.

In general most birds aren’t overly cuddly, they simply can’t compare to cats, dogs, rabbits, etc. who are the more cuddly pets but, if a parrotlet really likes you or if they’ve built a strong bond with a mate, they may occasionally rub their heads with yours or its partner to show their affection.

Like most birds they prefer a head or a neck scratch when around someone they’re comfortable with but, if they initiate the cuddle, that’s a sure sign they want to cuddle with you.

Again, just because some parrotlets like a cuddle, this doesn’t apply to every single parrotlet. The personality of your parrot will determine how accepting they will be so don’t force it, instead allow them to make the move first.

Do Parrotlets Cuddle Other Animals?

Once again this is down to how comfortable they are around the animal. If they’re comfortable and if the first move is made, your parrotlet may cuddle with other animals.

Keep in mind that parrotlets are small birds and carnivorous pets like dogs or cats shouldn’t be around them unless you’re monitoring the situation, after all even trained dogs could potentially go in for a bite.

Hamsters, rabbits and non carnivorous animals are safer for parrotlets although, you will need to observe if the temperaments between the two are suitable for any form of interaction.

How Do Parrotlets React When Cuddled

There are a few reactions, both positive and negative that Parrotlets can show when in the mood for a potential cuddle or not.

Some of the signs showing they aren’t up for a cuddle include:

  • If they’re constantly biting you the moment your hand is near, it is best to avoid them.
  • If they have fluffed up feathers despite warm weather, there’s a good chance that your parrotlet isn’t in the best of health.
  • When a parrotlet is molting they can be in some pain so, in that situation, it’s definitely not a good time to go in for a pet or cuddle.

These signs means that they’re open to being handled and potentially cuddling:

  • Coming right up do your hand.
  • Climbing on you and walking towards your face and touching their head on yours.
  • Laying on your chest or around you would likely mean your parrotlet is open for a pet or cuddle.
  • The more affectionate parrotlets may even softly bite your hand wanting you to pet them.


At the end of the day, parrotlets aren’t naturally cuddly animals so you shouldn’t go out of your way to try and cuddle them. If they’re hand raised and have a bond with you some parrotlets may be open to being held and the occasional cuddle but, even then the temperament of your parrot will determine whether or not you’ll get a cuddle.

Obviously, birds in love will cuddle but, you should allow them to make the move first otherwise your parrotlet may become uncomfortable.

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