Are Hummingbirds Nocturnal? (Explained!)

Hummingbirds are not nocturnal. They are actually what is referred to as diurnal birds which means they hunt or search for food in the morning and sleep at night. They may be seen eating at night due to artificial lighting or when migrating but, in most scenarios night time is when they hibernate and sleep … Read more

How Do Parakeets Drink Water? (Explained!)

There are a few ways that parakeets will go about the process of drinking water, which will depend on how its environment is laid out and how they fell at the time. They could either drink water from within the bowl that you would probably provide, by splashing the water outside the bowl and drinking … Read more

7 Red Birds In Florida (With Pictures!)

If you’re trying to find some red birds in your local Floridan region, you’ve come to the right place. Here I’ll be going over 7 unique red birds in Florida that you can try spotting when on your next bird watching expedition. Northern Cardinal  Male Summer Tanager  House Finch  Red Headed Woodpecker  Painted Bunting  Vermillion … Read more

Why Do Hummingbirds Feeders Get Air Locked?

Hummingbird feeders get air locked when the sugar water within becomes overheated. As a result when hummingbirds or others birds attempt to use the feeder, they will air lock the feeder holes as the slurping action locks up the pathway. Water vapor rising within the feeder will also contribute to how often a feeder will … Read more

9 Yellow Birds In Ohio (With Pictures!)

In this article I’ll be going over 9 different yellow birds you can lookout for throughout the state of Ohio the next time you go out on a hike or on a birdwatching adventure. American Goldfinch  Common Yellowthroat Cedar Waxwing American Yellow Warbler Yellow Breasted Chat White-eyed Vireo Hooded Warbler  Black Throated Green Warbler  Female … Read more