Do Hummingbirds Fly In Flocks? (Explained!)

Hummingbirds will not fly with hummingbirds but, in some occasions they may brush paths with a mixed flock that is journeying in the same direction. However, as these birds are solitary migrators they will rarely, if ever, fly south in a flock full of other hummingbirds. With that being said there are a few rare … Read more

8 Unique Birds That Can Hover (With Pictures!)

The number of birds in the wild that can hover are relatively common, particularly for predatory birds. In this article I’ll be going over 8 different bird species that can hover to satisfy your curiosity. Hummingbirds Kestrels Pied Kingfisher Terns Hawks Rough Legged Buzzards Eagles Vultures 8 Birds That Can Hover 1. Hummingbirds Hummingbirds are … Read more

Do Cockatiels Molt? (Explained!)

Yes, much like all birds cockatiels do molt. This is so they can replace their damaged feathers with newer, fresher more capable ones that will better shield them from the elements as well as let them fly more effectively if need be. Cockatiels molt semi annually depending on the weather, which can be anywhere from … Read more

Are Cockatiels Loud? (Explained In-Depth!)

Cockatiels can be categorised as a low – medium when it comes to loudness as the sounds they produce measure around 80 decibels. This means they are roughly as loud as a noisy downtown street. They’ll be the loudest in the morning and afternoon whilst the volume will simmer down in the evening before calling … Read more