Can Parakeets Eat Celery? (Answered!)

Yes, parakeets can eat celery as it’s a nutritious vegetable that will not only have a positive effect on a parakeets health but, will also be a pleasant textural experience for these little parrots to chew on. The nutrients within celery can help with a variety of bodily functions with a positive effect on brains, … Read more

7 Types Of Birds That Hunt At Night! (With Pictures)

Birds that hunt at night are quite the rare find, taking into account how often their feathers perfectly camouflage into their environment. In this article we’ll be going 7 such birds that you can find hunting for their prey at night. Great Horned Owls Corn Crake Black-Crowned Night Heron Common Nighthawk Nightjars Nightingale Tawny Frogmouth … Read more

Can Cockatiels Eat Celery? (Explained!)

Yes, cockatiels can eat celery provided it’s cleaned well and switched out for other foods sources to balance their diet out. Celery is not only able to maintain a health respiratory system, upkeep their brain health but is also great for reducing the effects of the more acidic berries out there. Why Feed Your Cockatiel … Read more

Can Lovebirds Eat Celery? (Answered!)

Yes, lovebirds can eat celery. It’s a nutritious, crunchy and tasty little snack for your lovebird that will be a great addition to their diet whilst the nutritional benefits improve their quality of their life at the same time.  Celery is also great way vegetable to balance out the more acidic fruits so continue reading … Read more

Can Parrotlets Eat Kale? (Answered!)

Yes parrotlets can eat kale, after all it’s among the most nutritious superfoods around. It helps parrotlets be happier, improves the speed at which cuts recover, contributes in keeping a parrotlets feathers health and more whilst also being a great alternative to other vegetables within the diet.  Why Feed Your Parrotlet Kale? It’s quite healthy … Read more

Can Parrotlets Eat Spinach?

Yes, parrotlets can eat spinach as not only is it a nutritious snack that will benefit their health by keeping the eye and skin of the bird healthy but, it’s also very low in calories meaning your parrotlet won’t get fat eating it however, even the spinach should be fed in moderation as the oxalic … Read more

Can Cockatiels Eat Kale? (Answered!)

Yes, cockatiels can eat kale, in fact it’s a really good nutritious snack fro these birds that provides a number of health benefits from improving their respitory system, reducing stress levels and by being lower in calories it won’t make your cockatiel gain unnecessary fat.  In the remainder of this post I’ll break down the … Read more

Lovebird vs Parakeet (How Are They Different?)

Parakeets and lovebirds are among the most common bird pets we can own but, their difference in temperaments, habits, loudness and the way in which they interact with us and other animals is quite different from one another despite their similarities in size.  Physically parakeets are slightly longer but, lovebirds are heavier with larger beaks. … Read more