Can Birds Fly Without Feathers?(Explained!)

Although, the prehistoric era would have you believe birds should be capable fliers without wings, a prime example being pterodactyl, no modern day avians that we know of would be able to fly without feathers. Other than actual physical ability when flapping, the feathers allow birds to attain lift and maintain it every moment they … Read more

Are Lovebirds Cuddly? (They Can Be But…)

Lovebirds can be cuddly but, a few criteria need to be met before they’ll willingly snuggle up with you or their close companions. Lovebirds are known for being playful but, are often feisty and territorial when around strangers that’s why as long they’ve built strong bonds with another occasionally they will show their affection through … Read more

Are Raven’s Smarter Than Parrots?

Ravens can be smarter than parrots however, it does depend on what task they do. Ravens and other corvids are known for their ability to solve problems whilst parrots excel in communication. Ravens are also capable of mimicking speech so when you put both these skills together, you can definitely argue ravens are the more … Read more

Do Male Hummingbirds Migrate First? (3 Reasons Why!?)

Yes, adult male hummingbirds do migrate first. This is so they can first take over their own territory within which they will eventually court the female hummingbirds once they have migrated as well. However, juvenile males migrate at the same time as females and juvenile females the first year they’re alive so technically it’s only … Read more

Can Lovebirds Eat Cantaloupe? Only If You…

Yes, lovebirds can eat cantaloupes, provided its added to balance out the diet and not the only food source. This fruit is packed full of vitamins and minerals that can be a great addition to a lovebirds diet.   Why Feed Your Lovebird Cantaloupe It’s a change of pace from the typical mundane diet filled with … Read more

Why Do Hummingbirds Fly Backwards?

Flying backwards allows hummingbirds to perfectly position themselves when feeding on Nectar, to avoid obstacles more nimbly and just allows them to remain in one spot like bee’s among other insects. Hovering is only a feat very few birds cans do, kestrels being one example, but hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards … Read more